3 apps that will make travel cheaper

The time is coming to fit one last vacation in before summer is over. However, its possible that the season has already been a drain on your wallet, as it often seems to be. If you're planning a vacation, and want some easy ways to spend money, the quickest would likely be a smart phone app. There are plenty of apps made to make travel cheaper and easier.

Here are some great free smart phone apps that will make your next vacation a little less expensive:

1. StayAtHand
Stay at hand is a hotel searching app created by a group of hotel industry insiders, according to U.S. News and World Report. The app was launched in December 2013, and has since offered a variety of features that have made finding a hotel easier for many travelers. The search includes filters such as date ranges that help you find the cheapest time of the month to travel. The app has other great tools including one-click cancelations, 24/7 live support and a user-friendly platform. 

2. Gateguru 
Its easy to forget the small details when you're rushing out of the house to make a plane on time. With GateGuru though, the whole process becomes a little bit easier, explained Budget Travel Magazine. The app provides live information on the airport of your choice so that you can receive real-time updates on delays and gate information before you ever arrive at the airport. The app currently covers 214 airports. 

3. Favado
The app isn't directly related to travel, but will come in handy when you realize you forgot to pack your toiletries, or when you run out of food. The app helps consumers save up to 80 percent on grocery bills, noted U.S. World and News Report. The app located the best nearby deals so that you know exactly where to go in order to save the most money on your purchases. The app also lets user compare prices and identify useful coupons. 

So when you're heading on your next trip, try and download one of these free apps to ensure that it is a little less expensive and a lot more enjoyable. 

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