All sorts of businesses accept the PRBC alternative credit scores.

In fact, about 8,500 companies and growing throughout the U.S. use our reports, and more are using it every year.

That being said, there are particular sectors that are more open to using nontraditional credit reports than others. You're also probably wondering where you can get a loan using PRBC, and which types of businesses see the value in referencing accurate, thorough alternative credit reports.

Here are a few business types that may accept alternative credit scores in lieu of traditional reports:

Car Dealerships

Few people can afford to buy a $20,000 vehicle at once, and opt to enter lease agreements. While this enables salespeople to get more cars off the lot, these types of agreements can be risky for the dealership because some people fail to make payments on time and in full.

A PRBC credit score can let the dealership know you're fiscally responsible, without needing to consult the limited scope of a traditional credit report.


Jewelry Stores

Thinking about proposing to your partner or buying a nice necklace for your significant other?

Jewelry stores are some of our most frequent customers, using PRBC's alternative credit data to engage financially responsible customers. Instead of putting $3,000 down on an expensive ring, you can open a line of credit with the store of your choice and pay it off in monthly installments.


Electronics Retailers

A good computer or smartphone may be hard to pay for. Some of these devices can go for as much as $2,500 dollars.

Thankfully, many businesses that use PRBC sell electronics. Once you're plugged in, you can hunt for jobs, shop for affordable goods, take online classes and search for apartments.


Furniture Stores

Couches, beds, sofas, desks and other household amenities can be quite expensive. If you want to enter a rent-to-own agreement or open a line of credit with a furniture retailer, an alternative credit score may improve your chances of getting approval.

If you pay your bills on time and in full every month, then your PRBC credit score will show this responsible behavior.



Speaking of apartments, it's not uncommon for landlords to check alternative credit scores before leasing to tenants. They understand that credit card payment and installment loan information doesn't paint a complete picture of how financially responsible you are.

That's why so many use alternative credit scores.


If you want more information about where you can use your PRBC alternative credit report, speak with one of our representatives today.

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