Our Story

What is PRBC?

PRBC stands for Payment Reporting Builds Credit. We started this idea back in 2005 and are the world's largest provider of non-traditional data to the credit market.

Why is PRBC better?

To begin with PRBC is free. You can sign up free, use the tools for free and get your score for free. Some competitors like to say they are free but in reality they wait until you've created an account and then charge you to verify your bills or provide you a report.

Convenience is the other big reason people love PRBC. We verify your bills electronically so you don't need to update your information each month. And PRBC lets you manage and organize your bills and accounts - including your finances, utilities, rent/mortgage, insurance, travel rewards, subscriptions and more - in one place, while also giving you a reliable alternative credit score.

Who and how can we help?

No Credit

Many people don’t have a credit history. This makes it difficult to get loans or to qualify for products and services that require a credit check.

With PRBC you can begin building a credit history that you can show lenders when they ask about your credit.

Limited Credit

Credit scores are based on multiple pieces of information. Having limited credit means you don’t have enough accounts to create a proper score.

By creating a PRBC Report you’ll have alternative credit data to offer potential lenders, helping them get a more complete picture of you.

Poor Credit

Many things - from unemployment, to medical expenses to past financial events - can hurt your credit score. But poor credit doesn’t mean you have to start over.

Through PRBC you can demonstrate credit-worthiness through alternative credit data, giving lenders a piece of your story they wouldn’t otherwise see.

Declined Credit

A credit application can be denied for many reasons, but being turned down for credit doesn’t mean you’re stuck.

You can always reapply, and if you do, bring your PRBC Report to give lenders more information to consider when making their decision.

Start building your PRBC Report!