About PRBC

PRBC is the premier non-traditional score and credit-building application in the United States. Through PRBC millions of people who do not have traditional credit scores can now contribute information to help build one. PRBC uses non-traditional trade lines like utility bills, cell phone bills, rent, and online services as a means of demonstrating a person’s financial responsibility and credit worthiness. We then issue a score based on the same 350-800pt scale used in traditional credit scoring.

PRBC is free and provides members with valuable tools to manage finances and make bill payments on time and ultimately build better credit. We also identify a nationwide community of companies interested in doing business with PRBC members making PRBC the place where Main Street businesses can find millions of new customers.

PRBC is owned and operated by MicroBilt, a single-source provider of decision critical information that responsibly assists businesses in reducing risk and managing their business.

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