Payment Reporting Builds Credit

We pioneered the idea of alternative credit data back in 2005. Now everyone is talking about it.

An alternative credit score is calculated using your payment history with regular expenses like phone bills, utilities, internet. Even subscriptions are considered.

Alternative Credit is the fastest growing category of lending information

Today businesses are discovering that alternative credit is a great way to connect with good customers. Through alternative credit, millions of people are now able to participate in the credit market.

Alternative credit has legal standing too. Recognized by the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) A lender must consider any consumer with nontraditional payment history.

Your PRBC Alternative Credit score is a lot like a traditional score. Where traditional credit uses a scale of 350 to 850, PRBC uses a scale of 100 to 850. This makes it easy for businesses to understand your PRBC score. Any score over 750 says that you're a responsible financial citizen.

But there is a big difference between how we calculate alternative credit and how other consumer credit agencies analyze traditional credit. While traditional credit only uses a small dataset to establish your score, PRBC considers your payment history for everyday expenses which means if you’re good with your monthly bills, you PRBC score will probably be good too.

The PRBC alternative score is accepted nationwide.

Alternative Credit

Don’t pay more than you have to.
Get the best loan terms possible.

Your alternative credit score can help you get many types of loans. And by showing lenders how responsible you are, you have a better chance to get the best rates.

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