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How to get a lender to accept your PRBC alternative credit report

If you're reading this, you've probably tried bringing your PRBC alternative credit report to your local bank or credit union and found they don't accept our reports. This leaves you in a pretty tight spot. What should you do if a loan officer refuses to reference your PRBC report?


Why credit scores should be free for consumers

Through partnerships with creditors (banks, credit unions, and other lenders), TransUnion, Equifax and Experian collect a lot of information on consumers such as yourself. They know whether you forgot to pay your credit card bills, obtained a car loan, pay an additional $1,000 on your mortgage every year, and so forth.


3 things to do before getting a car loan [Video]

Hi, welcome to the PRBC blog!Thinking of getting a new set of wheels? You're probably going to need a car loan, but what should you do before applying?  First, check your credit report. Before you enter negotiations, you need to make sure there


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