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Saving money on summer fun

Every summer, millions of Americans look for ways to stay cool and happy during the hot summer months, and that's going to be the case once again this year. But having fun at this time of year can get expensive in a hurry, and therefore


Families can save money on food this summer

With summer finally here, millions of families across the country face something of a dilemma. With the kids home from school, feeding them might have gotten a little more expensive. School lunches are often subsidized - or even free in some


Few consumers have emergency savings in place

A greater emphasis on financial responsibility has certainly been on the minds of millions of Americans since the economic downturn hit. But while many have made serious strides, it seems that a large number are still struggling to get their


Young adults getting better at saving money

Over the last several years, financial responsibility has become a major issue for many Americans, because they learned some hard lessons about what is and isn't good money management during and even after the recent recession. But for


Saving money on gas this summer can be easy

Summer is a time when millions of Americans take road trips or go on long weekend drives, and that means many are spending more on gas than they do at any other time during that year. But during the summer, gas prices also tend to go up, which


Save money on air conditioning this summer

With summer weather starting to arrive in earnest these days, many Americans are installing and firing up their air conditioners. And while the cool temperatures are certainly better news for consumers than suffering through another sweltering


Set up a savings plan as summer starts

Summer is a season during which people tend to spend a lot of money. The kids are out of school, there's more to do, and people just tend to be a little busier. As such, it might be crucial for people to make sure they have a plan in place


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