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What is a household budget?

Millions of Americans are always trying to save a bit of money these days, and one of the best ways to do it is by creating and sticking to a household budget.It's not always easy to do that, but the concept behind it is. All you have


Few Americans have any money in savings

Millions of people across the country have recently gone through some rather difficult financial times in recent years thanks to the economic downturn, and while there has been improvement, many still struggle to this day. In fact, the problem


Post Race Report St. Louis: Fist pumps and foot pegs

This past weekend's race took place at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. Like all races, each venue has a different track layout. The most interesting obstacle for this location was the split rhythm section, creating a challenge both physically


Commuters can save plenty of money

Millions of Americans are spending a lot of time worrying about their finances even now, years after the recession supposedly ended. The good news for those people is that there are plenty of money-saving tips that can have a huge impact on


Ronnie Stewart returns to the track this weekend

It's official: Ronnie Stewart (#69) will be returning to his racing efforts at this weekend's race in Detroit, Michigan.After a hard crash in the semi race at the second Atlanta round, Ronnie suffered injuries including a minor concussion,


Four things wrong with traditional credit

Over the last few years, a growing amount of attention in the lending industry has been paid to just how many people are shut out of it. While using past credit performance to evaluate a person's future creditworthiness has long been a


How can low-income families save money?

Saving money is often key to getting onto a more solid financial footing, but for millions of people and families across the country, this isn't always an easy prospect. Many are just scraping by with low-paying jobs and plenty of bills


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