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Using inexpensive string lights to decorate

If anyone knows how to decorate on a budget, it is college students. Often with very little money to spend, co-eds find a variety of ways to spice up their usually dull living spaces with all kinds of creative visual elements.One fixture that


3 tips for heating responsibly

The first frost of the season crept up parts of the country recently as we sink deeper into fall. Some snow fell, and record lows as well as historically cold daytime highs peppered parts of the Rockies, Plains, Northwest, and Upper


4 fun, cheap fall activities for the family

Autumn is on its way, and with the temperature dropping like the leaves, new, inexpensive things to do emerge as Sept. 22 approaches.September means the kids will be at school most days, and the home will have to be prepped for harsher weather.


4 ways to stay financially responsible this semester

The new college semester has begun for schools across the United States and a wave of students who likely have never had to budget before are about to live on their own for the first time. If you are one of those students, then you will learn


2 tips for saving in the fall

Cool weather and earth-toned leaves will be visiting much of the country in the coming months. As this happens, homeowners will be making plenty of changes in order to adjust to the transition and ensure their homes are running as


Why college students don't need a credit card

College students aware of the financial pitfalls that await those with bad credit scores may feel the need to get a credit card and start swiping to start building their score. However, this isn't necessary, and could actually end


4 easy projects that pay for themselves

A more efficient home is one that gathers dollars in your wallet year-over-year, and streamlining your house's energy efficiency is a simple thing to do. It's possible to save hundreds annually with much less than an hour's


FICO's new scoring matrix may spruce up credit reports

FICO is tweaking its scoring model in a way that may benefit borrowers. The latest model of the score will not weigh medical debts or previously unpaid - but now paid - debts into the new the scoring matrix, The New York Times reported.


3 ways to build your credit if you're under 30

It's possible to be 22 and have a good credit score. And it won't take any risky maneuvers or shady deals to get there, just some financial savvy and a little bit of work. The benefits of having a great credit score from the beginning


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