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Consumer delinquency rates remain low as credit spending increases

Globe Newswire reports we are currently experiencing “one of the longest periods of sustained positive credit activity” we’ve seen in recent decades. Economists believe factors such as low unemployment rates, wage growth, GDP growth, and high consumer confidence are all primary contributors to consumers’ recent increased use of credit cards.


Short Term Loans Ease Stress on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day presents a perfect storm of financial pitfalls for those who realize, a little ahead of time, that the big day of days for romance occurs precisely one day ahead of payday for the average American household.


Know your rights when debt collectors call

“I’ll send you to collection” shouldn’t be used as a threat, as collection services are a legitimate and legal way for a business to get the money that they’re owed that has been promised.


Where Can Consumers Go to Find Alternative Credit?

Far too many people are under the mistaken impression that if a major lender tells them “no” they have no other alternatives to consider. While that was the story once upon a time, it is no longer the case for all credit situations and circumstances.


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