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3 ways to build your credit if you're under 30

It's possible to be 22 and have a good credit score. And it won't take any risky maneuvers or shady deals to get there, just some financial savvy and a little bit of work. The benefits of having a great credit score from the beginning


3 ways to get your credit score for free

Credit scores are important not only for lenders to determine the risk level of a borrower, but for those who wish to evaluate their own financial habits. Anyone who wishes to improve their financial responsibility will do well by gleaning


3 apps that will make travel cheaper

The time is coming to fit one last vacation in before summer is over. However, its possible that the season has already been a drain on your wallet, as it often seems to be. If you're planning a vacation, and want some easy ways to spend


3 home improvements that are a waste of money

Home improvements are great, and can do a lot to both make your house more enjoyable and appealing, but that doesn't mean that every enhancement is worth spending money on. Not all additions to a house will improve its value or provide


3 credit score questions you should be asking

The details of how credit scores work can easily become confusing. The way they are required for a loan, yet a loan is needed to build them; the differing agencies; and the myriad of things credit scores are applicable to make the subject quite


How to build credit without a credit card

Many people, especially students, can't be blamed for wondering how they should be expected to build credit without a credit card. It can be a confusing state of affairs when you need a good credit score to get a loan or credit card, but


How to save money on pool maintenance

Pools can be quite the expensive venture, yet they can provide the family with memories all summer long in addition to some much-needed relief from the heat. Maintaining that pool so that it remains consistently usable may seem as though it's


3 cheap ways to protect your home from burglars

Summertime vacations can be easily ruined if you return to a burglarized home. According to A Secure Life, FBI data suggests that one in 36 homes in the United States are broken-into on an annual basis. This rate is particularly


6 tips for saving money on your car insurance

You may have come to accept that your car insurance is simply expensive, and that you will have to begrudgingly deal with that fact of life for as long as you sit behind the wheel. This isn't always the case though, as there are ways to


6 tips for staying fit without spending too much

We're halfway through beach season and if you still don't feel ready to hit the beach in your bathing suit it may be time to find a cheap gym membership to get back into shape. There are many ways to work your way around the rising


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